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Homework | 8

What: Poster and GIF
Function: Advertisement Where: Behance Quality: Eye-catching colors and composition Style: Psychedelic Why I chose it: I chose it because of the overall design that just pulls you in. It looks even better when it is in GIF form with is what the festival is all about. The use of colors and patterns makes this an interesting piece to look at.
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Homework | 7

What: Magazine Cover Function: Advertisement Where: Behance Quality: Great quality and design. The simple color scheme is eyecatching. Style: Contemporary Why I chose it: I was drawn by the color scheme and simple design this piece has.

Homework | 6

What: Poster for a music event. Function: Adverstiment. Where: Behance. Quality: Very nice quality. It seems like there was a lot of time put into the composition. Style: Contemporary. Why I chose it: I was drawn to the design and colors of this piece. I then learned about how they chose the patters. They made dice and put patterns on each side and rolled it, whatever patterns they got had to go on the poster. I thought that was a fun way to pick patterns for the poster.

Homework | 5

What: Design for exhibit for Dorazio. Function: Posters, Pamphlets, Billboards. Used as advertisments. Where: Behance. Quality: Very well designed. Eye catching. Style: Contemporary. Why I chose it: The colors and layout of this piece really stuck out to me. I love the colors and texture on the piece.

Homework | 4

What: Packaging Function: Packaging for a brewery. Provides a nice representation of their brand and offers some advertisement. Where: Grant Burke Portfolio. Quality: Grant did a great job on the original logo of the brewery. I really like how it has a rustic and homemade feel and that is exactly what the client was looking for because their products are homemade. Style: No idea. Why I chose it: I chose this piece because packaging has always interested me. I think Grant really hit the mark with what the client was looking for and made a beautiful piece for them.

Homework | 3

What: Pamphlet Function: Pamphlet with information. Could also be used as advertisement Where: Behance Quality: I think this pamphlet is designed very well. It shows all the necessary information on the front in a nice eye catching way. The two color design works really well and adds style to the pamphlet. Style: Contemporary. Why I chose it: I chose this piece because it caught my eye with the colors. Once I started to look at it I saw that the white lettering over the photo was an acronym for the Lyon Music and Dance Conservatory. I think this piece is designed very well and shows a certain professionalism for the business.

Homework | 2

What: Poster. Function: It shows all the vital information for the event taking place. It also shows what kind of event it is. Where: I found it in a Graphic Design subreddit. I tried to find a better source of the image but was unable to find one. Quality: I think this is an amazing piece. The simple two tone color scheme really sticks out to me. The way the artist used the instrument for the lettering is phenomenal. Style: Art Deco. Why I chose it: I chose this piece because of the way the artist used the instrument to convey that this poster was for a jazz festival. I think he did a great job on the type and I think it is overall a great piece.