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Homework | 13

What: Festival Poster. Function: Advertise an event. Where: Behance. Quality: Eye catching colors and patterns. Very well made.
Style: Psychedelic.
Why I chose it: The colors were what drew me in first. They I looked more at the patterns and illustrations in the piece. It is just a really cool piece to look at.
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Homework | 12

What: Compagnia teatrale Nino Martoglio. Function: Advertisement and Branding. Where: Behance. Quality: Well designed and eye catching.
Style: Not sure, mix of contemporary and a woodblock print Why I chose it: I liked the mix of styles. The use of modern design techniques with a woodblock print makes a nice contrast.

Homework | 11

What: Target Advertisement. Function: Draw your attention and advertise a brand. Where: Behance. Quality: Very well shot photos and a good eye catching composition.
Style: Modern or Contemporary. Why I chose it: The simple colors and patterns make this piece really eye catching.

Homework | 9

What: Adoption Advertisement. Function: Advertisement. Where: Reddit. Quality: Heart warming, hits close to home. Style: Not sure. Why I chose it: I chose it because of the overall design of this piece. The silhouettes of the pets are shown in the outlines of the family. It is an amazing idea. It symbolizes the need for pets within a family.

Homework | 8

What: Poster and GIF
Function: Advertisement
Where: Behance
Quality: Eye-catching colors and composition
Style: Psychedelic
Why I chose it: I chose it because of the overall design that just pulls you in. It looks even better when it is in GIF form with is what the festival is all about. The use of colors and patterns makes this an interesting piece to look at.

Homework | 7

What: Magazine Cover Function: Advertisement Where: Behance Quality: Great quality and design. The simple color scheme is eyecatching. Style: Contemporary Why I chose it: I was drawn by the color scheme and simple design this piece has.

Homework | 6

What: Poster for a music event. Function: Adverstiment. Where: Behance. Quality: Very nice quality. It seems like there was a lot of time put into the composition. Style: Contemporary. Why I chose it: I was drawn to the design and colors of this piece. I then learned about how they chose the patters. They made dice and put patterns on each side and rolled it, whatever patterns they got had to go on the poster. I thought that was a fun way to pick patterns for the poster.